Around 60 years ago the modern metabolism treatment was developed by an English doctor, and then used with great success in private clinics in Italy, the UK and California.

Since that time the cure has been used over a hundred thousand times by physicians worldwide.

In 2011 the original cure was completely revised, updated and optimized for today's balanced diet.

Since then, we have been able to assist and support countless people on their way to their permanent dream body shape.

This treatment deals with the problems that causes obesity and not just the symptoms!

Here are some key points that you can expect:

• Your body will be detoxed and purged
• Your metabolism will be stimulated and re-optimized
• Unwanted fat will be lost from areas of excess fat storage
• You may increase muscle mass and retain required body fat
• The entire body silhouette will be improved and re- modeled
• A low carbohydrate, low-fat diet is an added benefit of the carbohydrate control
• Through a high-quality supply of necessary nutrients in a balanced form you will feel and be   fitter, stronger and healthier

The key, however, is the production of the body's own natural chemical messenger that ensures that only the unwanted fat stores will be broken down.

Our treatment is not performed with injections, so it’s easy to do at home or at your work place.

We give you the best care, using the revised form of the cure, updated by user feedback, working together with you and using our many years of experience and knowledge.

You will have

• Regular information sessions
• Exchange of experience with other participants
• Personal support
• Individual counseling and more